Today on Sunday Stills the topic is ‘Weather’.

Below I’ve added photos which show the same bit of road directly outside my house in all 4 seasons. I prefer the summer season when I can get out on my bike (yeah, I can stand up on the bike going up this hill), and so I’m rather glad there’s no snow and ice at the moment!

This wintery photo was taken in December 2009, but nothing has changed much. My house is next door to the cream-coloured one you can see up there on the left.
Spring. Taken on 7th May 2021. We’ve still got the cream-coloured house, and it’s just been re-painted. Weather lovely, not windy, and some bright sunshine.
Taken in 2019. Summer in Suffolk… weather not scorching, but pleasantly warm – although it can get up to 30 degrees occasionally.
Autumn. Taken in 2019 and the leaves have started to fall. There will soon be November mist and fog, and rain that will turn this little country road into a lake.