I don’t often hop over to my local NextDoor website, but I did yesterday and was rather alarmed to read about men walking into people’s homes who leave their front doors unlocked. This is in broad daylight by the way, and not at night. The men use the toilet and probably check around to see if there’s any cash that has been left lying about. On one occasion a 14 year old girl was at home on her own when one of the men walked into her house. She screamed, and the man went away.

This is going on in the East Anglia area, but could also in fact be happening in your area too. Many locals in our village never lock their doors, and if they’re elderly, hard of hearing, and not familiar with the NextDoor website they may not know about this and may not even be aware or hear that an intruder is in the next room.

After 33 years of living in London it’s second nature for me to ensure our front and back doors are locked at night, but we don’t often keep them locked during the day. This has changed now, and although it’s sad to have to do this, it’s unfortunately a necessary sign of the times. The pandemic has affected many livelihoods, and there’s more poverty around than there’s been for years. If people have families to feed, then they’re going to stop at nothing to ensure there’s food on the table.