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Dear Diary. Write a diary entry or a letter from your character’s point of view.

I shall write a letter that Eden Reece might have sent to her sister Esme Jones. You can find the sisters in my latest publication ‘Barren‘. If you’d like to find out whether or not they resolve their dire situation, the book is £0.99/$0.99 just for today:

To Esme,

I sit here at home without Julia, two weeks after Aron told us to go. All the rooms are silent. Julia’s clothes remain unworn, and still hang in the wardrobe that Billy was so excited to build. The cot should hold a little life, but no bundle of joy rumples the pristine sheets and Winnie-the-Pooh coverlet.

I knew we wouldn’t need any contract, as we were so close, blood sisters, and you wanted so much to help us become parents. How could you do this to me? You already had the twins, and yet you wanted more. You wanted Julia, the daughter who should have been mine. You’ve even changed her name; the name that Billy and I took so long to decide on together.

You have three children now; your family is complete, but you’ll never know the desperation I feel at never again being able to hold my own baby in my arms. I still walk from room to room in a daze, looking for her. I see happy mothers and babies in the street, in the shops, and in the park; everywhere. Shannon is mine and Billy’s, as the four of us originally agreed.

How does Aron feel? Shannon has Billy’s red hair, and this must be a constant reminder to Aron that he is not Shannon’s father. Billy has a legal right to see his daughter, and I know he will make it his business to see her as often as he can. If you try and stop him, we will take you to court.

You might as well have plunged a dagger through my chest. You’ve ripped the whole family apart with your selfishness. Mum’s stressed trying to keep the peace and she argues with Dad, who doesn’t want her to become too involved and get upset.

You are nothing to me now. You cannot hurt me any more, because I won’t let you. I no longer have a sister.


‘Barren’ so far has one 5 star rating on Amazon.com. A few more reviews would be awesome!

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