I’m used to my various allergies and food intolerances, but today while visiting the supermarket a rather strange thing happened. I’ve no idea why my body set off the security alarm when I went into the shop and then again when I left the shop via a different exit. No other customers had this problem except me.

My last and final radiotherapy treatment was 4 years ago, so I’m sure I’m not radioactive anymore. The only jewellery I had on were gold earrings and a gold wedding ring. I have no metalwork in my body, so why did the alarm sound?

My trolley was full of goods I had paid for, but the security guy gave me a second look as I went out. I stopped outside the exit door in case he wanted to check my receipt against all the purchases, but he did not follow behind me.

Would anybody know why this happened? I also cannot wear some watches, which stop soon after touching my wrist. Static electricity possibly?

Odd, isnt’ it?