There’s been much in the news recently regarding the ‘interview of the century’… Martin Bashir’s conversation with Princess Diana and how it was obtained in an underhand and fraudulent way. Mr Bashir gained the trust of Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, by showing him bank statements that made him think Diana’s security team were being paid to spy on her. Earl Spencer went to Diana to impart this information, and she of course trusted her brother. A meeting was eventually set up with the three of them present, which spawned the interview where Diana got even and spilled all to Bashir. Earl Spencer states that that he thinks this meeting had an impact on her death two years down the line.

Twenty six years later Mr Bashir is as contrite as contrite can be, but that interview also says much about him. It says he is a narcissist, and how he wanted to get the scoop of the 20th century for his own self-glory and was prepared to lie to get the acclaim he obviously needed.

The older I become, the more disillusioned I get. More and more politicians, police, clergy, and others in authority are proving to have feet of clay. It seems that everyone is on the fiddle, grabbing money left, right and centre, and that nobody can be trusted. Whether this has always been going on I don’t know, but now reporters themselves are looking out for scoops of the 21st century and the notoriety that comes with these. Everyone doing dodgy dealings are fair game to be hunted out by the press and then named and shamed. It’s sad though that these dodgy dealers are people who we are supposed to look up to, who have fame or fortune or both; who went to the top private schools and had every imaginable advantage from birth. Who can we trust? Nobody, but ourselves, and that’s the truth.

I’m getting cynical in my old age.

Hey ho…it’s manic at work and I need a break, and so after my scheduled post tomorrow I’m off to my van for 5 days. Blog posts will therefore be a bit thin on the ground because I’ll be out in the fresh air on my bike (if it’s not pissing down with rain). I think I’d like to do something other than stare at a screen for a few days, and so I will!