Will the last of the restrictions be lifted on June 21st, or are we heading into the path of another wave of Rona infections and a further lockdown?

The prediction is that the number of new daily cases would have risen to 15,000 by the time Boris is due to make his announcement. If this is indeed true then we could be stuffed for the time being. With the best will in the world it might be difficult for the Government to lift lockdown on that date if the R rate keeps rising exponentially.

However, I think that the British public now have lockdown fatigue. Around our way it’s all back to normal as far as I can tell. Cinemas, shops and pubs are open again, although there’s one pub in our village which has stayed closed since March 2020. It will be due to open again on June 21st, and the landlord is keeping his fingers crossed.

Will people take heed of a further lockdown? I’m not so sure. Summer’s here, and the time is right for dancing on the beach. My 16 year old granddaughter has her very first summer job interview in a coffee shop today, and she for one is going to be gutted if the coffee shop has to close.

I’m rather glad I do not have the burden of responsibility sitting on my shoulders as to whether I open up the economy for good or close it down. Boris seems to be weathering it all very well; all he has to do is blame the scientists for any decision he has to make. The scientists will blame the rising R rate, and whoop-de-do, here we all go again to los living room for the duration.

What would you do in Boris’ shoes? I think I would look at the number of people in hospital and the number of deaths. If they’re steady and the NHS is not overwhelmed then I would open up the economy and tell people to be on their guard. After all, many of us are vaccinated now, and we have to live with quite a selection of other viruses in the community. The number of people with influenza and the common cold rises and falls as the seasons pass. I think it’s a case of living with it, using our common sense, and making our own decisions about wearing masks and mixing with people we do not know.