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Write a top 10 list in the voice of a character. Is your character a person making a bucket list? How about someone listing their greatest fears? What does the list they make say about the character?

Here’s Norma Wicks’ top 5 list of her greatest achievements, and the top 5 list of her greatest fears. Norma is the main character in my yet-to-be-published novel ‘His Ladyship‘, which will be ‘out’ later this year. Norma has a battle on her hands to be accepted as female by her family.

Thanks to Teagan Geneviene for the lovely cover below:

Norma’s top 5 greatest achievements:

  1. Being determined enough to change her gender, no matter what other people think.
  2. Becoming much happier in her own skin, because at last she is living true to herself.
  3. To have actually found a job at the age of 58.
  4. To have cut out sugary food from her diet.
  5. To be more sympathetic to her mother, Agnes, who is an old lady now and needs extra help around the house.

Norma’s top 5 fears:

  1. That she will never be accepted as a woman.
  2. That she is destined to go through the rest of her life alone.
  3. That her gender reassignment surgery will not be successful and she will be damaged for life.
  4. That the ridicule wherever she goes will never end.
  5. That her family will never stop thinking of her as a freak.

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