Well, rather a different morning to the one I’d envisaged. At 04:15 I received a call from my son Leon, who is currently staying at the van with his family and was due to catch an early ferry today. Their 16 year old daughter was supposed to stay behind, and I would join her later for a girly week. I didn’t mind the early call as I was due to get up at 05:30 anyway to drive to Portsmouth to catch the ferry. However, my granddaughter now has a runny nose and a sore throat. Leon wanted to know what I preferred to do; stay at the van with my granddaughter who potentially might have Covid, or let them take her home and postpone the trip for a couple of weeks.

My case was packed, and dinners for one were in the freezer for Sam. Sadly I made the decision to postpone, and so tomorrow will see me back in Respiratory or Dermatology instead of sitting on the decking of my van. I don’t want to run the risk of catching the Rona, much as I would love to stay with my granddaughter. Leon informed me they would all take a test when they returned home. However, if they all potentially now have Covid, then the van needs to sit there and quietly decontaminate for a couple of weeks anyway.

Life deals you lemons sometimes, and so this morning it was time to make lemonade. We couldn’t go back to sleep and so got up and hit the road at 07:15 with our bikes for an hour’s ride. It was not windy, the sun wasn’t beating down, and the conditions were just right. Only one car passed us during the whole hour’s ride. We went a new way that we hadn’t been before, and I managed to climb the steep hill that I’d always avoided for years in gear 1:2. I must have become a bit fitter in my old age!

Oh well, I’ll see you about this week, and then it’ll be time to try again for another van visit.