Today on Sunday Stills the topic is:

Images inspired by favourite song lyrics or original poetry.

Here’s one of my own poems entitled ‘Walking in Suffolk‘, along with some of my photos of the area where I live, which is often called the ‘Land of Skies’. This suits me, as I like to be able to see the horizon:

Ditches and rivers

And crops again born,

Pheasants and ducklings,

A motherless fawn,

Trees bare of leaves

As they wait for the sun,

Walking in February’s mist…


Footpaths and puddles

And mud on the roads,

Drive, but look out for

Those amorous toads,

Trying to find

That pond they left behind.


Dog-walkers wear Barbour

To keep out the cold,

I pass them and smile a bit,

They carry little black bags of s**t.

I say “Good morning” as it’s only right.

Suffolk people are very polite.


The cawing of rooks

In tall poplar trees

Not wanting to be ‘bombed’

As I walk underneath.

Sheep, country folks,

Hedges and oaks,

Watch out for the bullock,

Whilst walking in Suffolk.