For us, the Isle of Wight Festival kicked off around 2pm yesterday when we parked in the VIP car park near the Backstage entrance and then queued up to collect our VIP wristbands. After showing our negative Covid passes we had our bags searched and then sauntered off towards the VIP area of the arena. However, although we could see the area through the fencing, there seemed to be no way to get there. We wandered along a fenced off corridor that seemed to run around the perimeter of the VIP area, and to our surprise found ourselves backstage with the tour buses and cranes. Security was a trifle lax, to say the least. Sam, in his element amongst lines of cables and amps, wanted to explore further, but I was worried we’d be spotted by a beefy bouncer somewhere and shot! We backtracked, and by then somebody had erected a sign to the VIP area.

We made ourselves at home and partook of the bar, the subsidised food stand and the flushing toilets (wonderful). The area gradually filled up, and we decided to head out into the main arena and see what was going on. The bands did not start until 4pm, and so we walked around all the stands and queued up to buy our festival tee shirts.

Around 50,000 people filled the main arena, and all presumably had shown Covid negative passes (?). We had a ride on the Big Wheel, and as usual the layout of the site was that at the top of the Big Wheel anyone could see the men’s open air urinals. Lovely!

Lona played at 4pm, followed by Becky Hill, James, Tom Jones and then Liam Gallagher. The latter swaggered on wearing sunglasses at night, and challenged anyone who might have had a problem with that in his usual colourful language. Nope… if he wants to wear sunglasses at night then he can jolly well do so. Becky Hill was good, but we didn’t think much of James, who we had never heard of. A friend of mine on Facebook told me it’s the name of the band, but there was I thinking the singer was called James. Apparently his name is Tim, but hey, whatever…

Tom Jones was amazing at 80 years old with a voice as strong as ever. He did a couple of songs where he talked through most of them, but not many 80 years olds can stand in front of 50,000 people and belt out songs for an hour. Good for you, Tom. I’m sure he’ll still be going strong when he’s 100!

We arrived back at the van at midnight covered in dew, and knackered. An easy morning today, and then we’ll take the bikes out later. Here’s some pics below. See you all soon . x