I have nothing but praise for our NHS at the moment. After my GP referral had been processed at Addenbrooke’s Eye Clinic, I received a first appointment to be seen on September 8th. The very next day I was telephoned and offered a 2-snip punctoplasty procedure for my watery right eye a mere three weeks after the original clinic appointment (usually unheard of on the NHS!). This was carried out today in the Cataract Unit at Addenbrooke’s, all free on the NHS.

When I arrived at 07:30 after having had a negative PCR test earlier this week, my temperature was taken, then I was given a mask and shown into the waiting area where only one other patient waited for his turn. I saw the doctor within 20 minutes of arriving, and then was called into Theatre around 10 minutes later. I was out and sipping a cup of tea by 08:45.

I must admit, there are more pleasant ways to spend a Friday morning than having your eye injected with local anaesthetic, but hey ho, my mother’s mantra ‘Sometimes in life you have to do things that you don’t want to do’ rang in my ears as I laid down on the operating table. I closed my eyes for the injection, and then when I opened them many masked faces were peering down at me ( I think several medical students had turned up). The consultant carried out the procedure, and one nurse even held my hand and told me I was doing very well. This reminded me of working in my own hospital’s Eye Clinic, where an 89 yeaer old volunteer spends every day holding people’s hands! The patients love him, and always ask for him if they return a second time.

Well, my vision isn’t so blurry now and I can see to type this. Maybe I can dispense with a sackful of tissues now every time I go out. Only time will tell…