The cost of gas is set to rocket skywards very soon, along with food, petrol, taxes, council tax, National Insurance, and probably everything else you can think of as well. Boris, ever upbeat, has recently informed us that it’s time to grit our teeth and build a better Britain. Apparently we can no longer put up with low pay and uncontrolled immigration, as Boris has a vision of high wages and a highly skilled British workforce instead.


It all sounds great in theory, but putting it into practice will be a tad difficult. Many companies will go to the wall if they have to pay a recently suggested minimum wage of £15 per hour. I’m sure Boris earns much more than that, and so he will be all right, along with the rest of his Old Boy network friends, family and colleagues in government. However, people in the real world currently on low incomes with recent cuts in benefits are wondering how they are going to put food on the table. According to Boris, ‘stresses and strains’ are merely side-effects of the economic recovery, and firms must invest in people, in skills and in machinery the people need to do their jobs.

We have a food bank opened up in our village which has never been needed before in all the 30 years we’ve lived here, and it’s busier than ever. Sam’s wondering whether he’s going to have to work until he drops.

Something tells me that 2022 might be rather grim for us all while the building of a better Britain takes place.