It’s got to the point where if we need to travel on the M25, we check first whether any Insulate Britain activists have glued themselves to the road. The distress and chaos they are causing has the country in uproar. Drivers leap out of their cars and try to drag the protesters off the carriageway, fights break out between protesters and frustrated drivers who have been stopped from getting where they want to go. Medical and care staff cannot get to patients, and ambulances have been prevented from getting patients to hospital.

Driving home from work today I listened on Radio 2 to a protester giving his viewpoint, and then to angry drivers whose journeys had been halted through protesters’ actions. One driver was so furious he stated that he would do his utmost to increase his carbon footprint just to spite them. Another driver asked why should the government pay to insulate Britain’s homes – surely householders should pay to do that themselves? The protester replied that he was genuinely sorry he had caused so much distress, but it was only by gluing himself to the road that would cause the government to take action and pay for homes to be insulated to stop heat escaping. Another driver hoped the protesters’ houses would be burgled while the police were wasting so much time unsticking protesters from the M25.

These modern day suffragettes are all going about it arse-about-tit. They’re causing too much anger and frustration while drivers sit fuming in traffic jams, and so far Boris hasn’t done what they want. Now protesters are taking an 11 day break to make the nation think about what they have achieved.

I’m not sure they’ve achieved anything constructive to be fair. They’ve caused lots of horrendously long tailbacks, fights, misery, shouting and screaming. I dread to think what Sam and Leon might do if they come across a group of them, as they’re both impatient and rather quick to anger.

On another tack, I wonder if these protesters would let an ambulance through if it contained one of their own loved ones? I can’t imagine they’d allow their child or partner to die in an ambulance while their colleagues were sitting down on the carriageway in front of it. I don’t know what will happen after the protesters’ 11 day break, but maybe the police should try and hurry up and think of ways to deter these people from fouling up the lives of others going about their daily business.

Sam has often said he had ice on the inside of his bedroom window as a kid. His parents couldn’t afford to insulate their house. However, he survived and put on another jumper, and now he hates too much heat – just as I do. Our house has cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, and we are happy to do our bit for climate change by turning down the thermostat and keeping our house on a steady 19 degrees. Why should the government pay to insulate people’s homes? I’ve been in houses where a wall of heat hits you as soon as the owner opens the door, and we often notice the thermostat reads 25 degrees or more. Perhaps what we can all do to combat climate change is to pay to insulate our own homes, and then turn down the thermostat to burn less fuel. What you lose on the price of insulating you will gain on lower heating bills, but it will take the whole nation to do it. Therein lies the problem…