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Do you write under a pseudonym? If so, why?

Reading through my fellow blog-hoppers’ posts, I was surprised to find that many of them do write under a pseudonym. And yes, I’m no exception. I’ve always hated my real Christian name, and I jumped at the chance to change it when I started writing novels. Also if a few of my family and friends read my books they might be more than a little surprised, if not aghast. By writing under a pseudonym I’ve managed to keep my real name private for 8 years so far, and whoop-de-do-dah my nearest and dearest are still speaking to me.

Writing under a pseudonym gives an author a tad more freedom. If I had to write under my real name I’d have to tone down my subject matter a bit, as everybody around me would be reading my books and associating every single story with my own life or even theirs. In this way I receive honest reviews and not batches of five stars from the ones who are speaking to me along with several one stars from the people who aren’t. I’m also pleased that people who do know me do not learn any more about me than the information I tell them (this applies to work colleagues mostly, as a hospital grapevine is super-efficient).

Okay, so one day the bubble is going to burst and I’ll be rumbled. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but as fame and fortune are hardly likely to come knocking on my door, I’ll carry on being Stevie for the time being. Even Sam calls me Stevie quite a lot of the time now, and after 8 years I’ve sort of grown into it. There’s a verb… to go ‘Stevie-ing’ means that I’m going to sit down and write. I definitely prefer Stevie to my real name, and it also sounds slightly masculine (many female writers use initials or masculine sounding names so that men do not immediately discard their novels before even looking at the first page).

God only knows why my mother called me after some forgotten actress in the 1950s, but I was the only one in all the schools I attended with a bloody awful name that nobody else ever had. As a kid you just want to be like your peers, but no way could I be with a moniker like that. Cheers Dot, you’re the tops. Hope you’re reading this in your celestial library…

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