So now splashed all over newspapers and social media we’re hearing of shortages of certain foods over the Christmas period due to a lack of hauliers, and also shortages of wine and spirits. Supermarkets will have less variety and will just stock basics. I’ve also heard that turkeys might be in short supply.

Honestly, does it really matter? I’m sure we’ll get veggies and whatever meat is on sale. People in developed countries eat too much over Christmas anyway, and I’m sure it’ll do us all good to eat less and it’ll do the nation’s livers good to drink water instead. Also it’s no great hardship to eat chicken instead of turkey. However, doubtless panic buying will set in and the supermarkets will be stripped of foodstuffs, wine and spirits as soon as they hit the shelves.

Do the media enjoy inciting panic buying? Look what happened with the toilet paper… strong men fought in the aisles and came out of shops carrying armfuls of toilet rolls. Greed comes to the fore in these situations, and unfortunately it ends up being every man/woman for themselves.

We’re told to save the planet and stop cutting down trees, yet people chop living trees down just because it’s Christmas. There’s the awful sight of butt-naked trees devoid of needles and roots getting tossed into rubbish dumps in January because they’ve outlived their usefulness. Same old same old every year….

Christmas is coming, and I for one can’t wait until it’s all over – it just ain’t magical anymore!