Hi all, I am pleased to announce that ‘His Ladyship‘ has made the ReadFreely’s voting list in the 50 Best Indie Books of 2021 (‘Other’ category). I would be grateful for any votes! Thank you. You can vote here.


Below I’ve added the latest review on Goodreads by Anita Dawes (4 stars).

This story opens when Norman was just four years old, bitterly unhappy with his birthday presents.
He was already raising eyebrows at his choice of friends and the toys he preferred to play with.
Even at the age of four, he knew he was different.
As he grows up, he becomes increasingly confused and unhappy, hiding away from the world. Eventually becoming something he likes even less, overweight, uncaring of anything or anybody, and obsessed with his fantasies.
Normans struggle was like watching a butterfly appearing from a chrysalis. Not immediately beautiful, but the signs were there.
His journey was long, painful and frustrating, but finally ended with him achieving happiness.
Although I rooted for him throughout, I couldn’t help wishing he hadn’t wasted so much time…