Today has been the day that I began to work from home to save catching the Rona, which seems to be accelerating at an alarming rate. At 08:00 this morning I arrived at the hospital’s I.T Department to collect a laptop. I have never, ever, used a laptop before.

First of all they asked me to open the laptop and log in. Two problems; it wouldn’t open, and there didn’t seem to be any way of clicking into the log in box after I managed to discover that I was trying to open it the wrong way round. Grr! Compounding these issues was the fact that I had to wear a mask all the time and so couldn’t wear my reading glasses as they instantly steamed up.

A lovely I.T guy came to the rescue and provided a mouse, and then patiently explained how you click on things just using the laptop’s controls (I bet he thought ‘we’ve got a right one here‘). Anyway, my passwords would not work when I could eventually see straight, and more I.T magic had to be carried out. When he was done he told me I could now go home and ‘live the dream’.

Then I got the laptop home and tried to log in… nope, nothing worked. I couldn’t log into my emails either. Also there were not enough ports on the laptop to plug in my foot pedal, my headphones, our new monitor, and a new mouse. The day was rapidly going downhill. I had to phone I.T again and thankfully it was a different person on the line. After much stress and clicking here and there, I.T got the programmes running that I would need to use. I was told that I would need a docking station and an HDMI cable in order to be able to plug everything in that I use (that’s Sam’s department).

After 2 hours I had managed to type only 5 letters (I can usually do about 20 -25 in that time), as something unknown wasn’t working that would have allowed me to see the whole letter on hospital’s system. Sod this, thinks I, it’s time to go for a walk. I had a headache, and a walk seemed the best option.

Living the dream? It’s been more like a nightmare today!