Day 7’s topic is ‘What makes you laugh‘?

Oh dear, people have such different opinions on this subject, I’m sure. My husband laughs at things that I don’t find funny at all, and vice versa. He will laugh at Tommy Cooper and Norman Wisdom for instance, two of the old school comedians that I never found funny. If a comedian comes on TV who has a dry wit, such as the late Dave Allen or Billy Connolly, then I’ll laugh all night (Billy gives me a jaw-ache!). Some of Noel Coward’s songs have me in stitches, and I could never read his autobiography on a train or a bus for instance, as people might think I’m mad (likewise Julian Clary and Stephen Fry).

It’s wonderful to be able to laugh in this present Covid-infested world. There’s a particular film, ‘Blades of Glory‘, that I’ll put on if I’m feeling down. Parts of this film have me roaring with laughter, and in one particular bit (where the two men are skating) I have to look away otherwise I’ll laugh so much that my damaged throat might cause me to start choking. Another film, ‘The Commitments‘, is good for a chuckle all the way through, as is ‘The Full Monty’. I can watch these 3 films over and over again.

There’s a particular series of books by Adam Kay, his memoirs of being a doctor, that are absolutely hilarious, but in a way sad at the same time. Adam gave up a career as a doctor, and if you read his books you’ll understand why. The first one I ever read was ‘This is Going to Hurt‘, and I was hooked after that.

So there you have it; I like a bit of intelligent wit. That’s about it really. I can’t seem to laugh at anything else.