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Do you remember the first book (or the last one) that made you cry?

Oh dear, I’m really not a weeper if I read, and cannot think of a single book that has moved me to tears. To feel any emotion I need to watch a good film or listen to music rather than read.

There’s a small part of one film where I feel tears are not far away, and that’s when Meryl Streep plays Karen Blixen in ‘Out of Africa‘. She stands by Denis Finch Hatton’s grave and gives a beautiful heart-felt eulogy. It gets me every time, but when I read a book it doesn’t give me the same emotions.

If I listen I can be moved to tears as well. A few songs I can think of that do cause tears to well up are the Christmas carol ‘O Holy Night‘ (if it’s sung by a big choir then I’m gone), Brad Paisley’s ‘Find Yourself, and also Frank Sinatra singing ‘It Was a Very Good Year’. Big Ben’s chimes at midnight on New Year’s Eve has the same effect.

Apart from those lachrymal triggers, I think I’m probably less emotional than the average woman. I’ve gone through a lot in my life and I don’t usually cry easily. This stems from my childhood I think, when I used to bottle up emotions and if anything went wrong I’d tell myself I’d cry at night on my own in bed. Trouble is, by the time I’d got to bed things had improved and I didn’t feel like crying anymore. A shrink would have a field day with that, lol.

Yes, I tend to endure instead of crying. I’m very good at enduring…

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