I’d like to thank everybody who took part in Read Freely’s ‘The 50 Best Indie Books of 2021‘ and voted for my new LGBT novel ‘His Ladyship‘. I am pleased to announce that it came in at number 37 in the ‘Other‘ category.

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Norman Wicks is 57, overweight, and has diabetes. He is sick of his life. He has never left home, had a girlfriend, or held down any kind of job. The only friends he has are online, as he prefers to stay in the comfort zone of his bedroom. His devoted 92 year old mother Agnes waits on him hand and foot.

Norman has a secret he has kept hidden from the world for the majority of his life, but now he is desperate to bring it out into the open. He is terrified of how his family will react. However, for his own happiness and peace of mind, Norman must find a way to tell his mother and siblings exactly what they do not want to hear.

HIS LADYSHIP also reached the finals and the Longlist of the 2021 Page Turner Awards.