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Welcome to today’s Bloganuary for January 16th. The topic today is:

What cause are you passionate about?

Those who know me will know of my love for trees. Trees absorb harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They also absorb the carbondioxide we breathe out, giving out oxygen for us to breathe in. They shade us in the summer, and forests/woods create a haven for wildlife. Some trees even give us food to eat in the form of berries and fruits. They also reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves (it’s estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in a city by up to 7°C). Trees also help prevent flooding and soil erosion, as they can absorb thousands of litres of storm water. Dust and soot stick to leaves instead of blowing in the breeze. Without leaves, the air would be riddled with dirt particles which would be inhaled by humans.

However, trees are also a source of income for some and many make their livelihoods from them, and so they are chopped down in their millions every year for example to harvest timber for paper production or furniture, or to clear land for housing/growing crops. Deforestation is rife, and the main result of this is that more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere causing a warming up of our planet. There is also the loss of natural habitats for birds and animals. More floods prevail if there are no tree roots to take in excess water, and landslides often occur without trees in the area to stabilise the soil.

There is also the stupid notion handed down from Prince Albert in the 1840s that you have to have a pine tree in your front room just because it’s Christmas. This causes umpteen more trees to be cut down every December which could have played their part in helping to save the planet. It’s absolute madness, and if Albert were alive today I’m sure environmentalists would be making his life a misery on social media. Those pine trees that are cut down every December could have lived for years and years, outliving us all for sure. Instead, they end up in recycling centres in January, naked of needles and unwanted.

I will never cause any tree to be cut down for as long as I live. My conscience is clear. Is yours?