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Do any of your characters have a favourite toy from their childhood? Do you?

None of my characters still play with toys, although Amy in ‘A House Without Windows‘ tends to cling on to a book, ‘The Island of Adventure‘ by Enid Blyton, as it teaches her about the outside world.

The only thing I have left from my childhood that I used to play with (and still do sometimes) is a Chess board and pieces, probably because my childhood was a long time ago. My father taught me to play Chess from an early age, and it used to annoy my mother that Dad and I could sit silently for hours and just concentrate on the game. Mum liked to talk, but Dad and I were not particularly sociable.

I’m adding a guest post here that I wrote about my Chess set back in 2017 for Chris, the Story Reading Ape. Since writing it, to my delight I found the board and pieces, and the box still has that certain smell that reminds me of my dad.

Chess is a marvellous game for instilling concentration and forward planning in children. Dad taught me well, although I never beat him. However, when aged 12 I did win a game when I played one of my uncles. I will remember the proud expression on my dad’s face (and the incredulity my uncle’s) for as long as I live. In later life I went on to win against my husband and sons too, but after a while they all refused to play Chess with me any more. It became quite apparent to me that men do not like to be beaten at anything by a mere woman!

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