We’re nearly at the end of Bloganuary now. Today’s topic is:

How are you changing the world?

I had to laugh when I read this, as little old me cannot hope to change the world in one fell swoop as it would take millions of my fellow humans all working together to make a substantial difference.

However, little old me is doing her bit in several ways, and I will list them below:

  1. Every Christmastime I do not cut down or buy any pine/fir trees for my front room. It’s a stupid idea and should be banned. Aren’t we supposed to be saving trees instead of killing them?
  2. I do not use spray deodorants, which contribute to the thinning of the ozone layer.
  3. I do not eat any type of junk food, the consequences of which helps to keep my weight down and stops me bothering an already overstretched health service with the likes of painful joints, IBS, osteoporosis and Type II diabetes for instance. These can be avoided with a drastic cut in the amount of sugar and fat in the diet .
  4. I do not drink alcohol, which again keeps me away from the medics. I’m not likely to ever fall down in an alcoholic stupor and require treatment in hospital for my injuries, for alcoholic poisoning, or for cirrhosis of the liver for example. When I eventually do fall down, it’ll be because I’m ancient and knackered.
  5. I do as I would be done by, which makes for a peaceful existence. I do not want to be mugged or killed, and so therefore do not go around mugging or killing anybody else.
  6. I raised my sons with love and to know right from wrong. Now they are adults they too do not go around mugging or killing anybody else.
  7. I work on the assumption that I will be remembered by how I make people feel. Therefore I try to be kind.
  8. Religions only seem to cause discord and wars, with some troublesome believers assured that their god is preferable over all the others. I have done my bit to change the world by not following any religion at all.
  9. As I’ve grown older, I can see that politicians only seem to cause discord and wars too. I work on the assumption that all politicians are in their jobs for their own personal glory and fame, and to augment their already sizeable fortunes, and so I treat each one with equal contempt. When an intelligent, honest person with morals that is not part of the Old Boy network finally gets to run my country, then they will get my vote.

What about you?