Today’s Bloganuary prompt is:

Describe yourself as a tree.

Hmm… not so easy today. I managed to write a short poem…

Stevie and the Oak

Curly is the hair just like the oak’s leaves

Solid is the trunk, or so I believe

Many acorns I have had

Two have grown and the rest went bad.


Deep grow the roots of my family tree,

A virtual forest is my extended family.

Little acorns spring up far and wide,

While another sturdy oak stays by my side.


The old oak tree has the final say

For hundreds of years it grows day by day,

Yes, ultimately the oak tree will wither and die

But will be useful as sheets of 4 by 8 ply.

Over time my own curly hair grows thin,

But in thirty years’ time I’d have been chucked in the bin!