Welcome to the last day of Bloganuary. Today’s topic is:

How do you feel when you look at the stars?

I think the answer would be ‘totally overwhelmed’, because of the fact that our planet is floating in space along with the stars. Space travel is evolving with time, and one day in the distant future there may be a way of visiting planets that are light years away. I find the whole concept of floating in space quite mind-boggling, and wonder whether we will ever find the true answer of how the solar system came to be.

Sometimes I stand on my doorstep and look up. There’s not too much light pollution in my corner of the world, and stars are quite luminous on a cloudless night. I often think back to the wonder of watching the Apollo 11 lunar capsule land in the sea in 1969 on TV, governed by computers that had less memory than our mobile phones do now.

One day far into the future the whole mystery of the universe will be explained, but for now I can only watch the moon and the stars from my dug-out in the gutter. The total tonnage of what I don’t know about the solar system is enough to sink any future lunar capsule through Earth’s atmosphere and into the sea without help from any other mechanical aids.