Today Terri has come up with the topic of Love your Pet‘.

Well, those of you who read my blogs will already know that I don’t have any pets at home. This is mainly because I sneeze, itch and come out in weals if there are any cats, dogs, rabbits or rodents about, and now I’m so super-sensitive to anything furry that my irradiated neck will tighten up most unpleasantly if they’re around. Ugh. The second reason is that I don’t really like dogs at all as I was chased and bitten by an Alsatian as a child and so I don’t trust any dog, and strangely enough (!) they don’t like me either. Fair dos, that’s the way it is. Anyway, to compound matters further I’m not keen on the mess and hairs furry animals leave about, and dogs bark, bark, barking drives me barking mad. Also I don’t like the way cats stare me out. We’ve had fish before, which I simply cannot pick up if they jump out of the tank, and they do.

However, there is one pet that I can tolerate. Sometimes we’re asked to look after Sheldon, my son’s tortoise, when they all go away on holiday. Sheldon and I get along famously. I feed him cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and baked beans, and he woofs the lot. I can even clean him out just as long as I use straw and not hay. I wrap him in a cloth if I pick him up so that his nails do not cause weals if they scratch my skin. So… without further ado here’s a photo I took of Sheldon last summer. Make the most of it, because it’s the only ‘pet’ photo of mine that you’re ever going to see!