It was nice to return to our happy place today – the Isle of Wight. Our caravan is in good shape and only the TV aerial was at a strange angle. Sam soon fixed that and jet-washed the decking, and I’ve managed to log on to the park’s internet. My emails are not working, but hey ho, I’ll sort that out when I get home.

As an extra to my ULEZ post a few days ago, other cities have cottoned on to the money-making ‘Cleaner Air Charges’ scheme. Since our last visit to the IOW in November, Portsmouth has decided that a ‘Clean Air’ charge must now be paid by some motorists. Luckily Sam’s car is exempt, although it wasn’t exempt in London.

What a good idea that somebody in Government thought of a way to grab even more money from motorists! The fact that the air will stay exactly the same because people need to travel anyway is neither here nor there. Once again the poor old motorist now needs to fork out for yet another charge.

I’ll have a bit more time on Monday and Tuesday to blog because they’re going to be rainy days I think. We’ll be out in the sunshine tomorrow, and for the first time in ages will be going back to our favourite restaurant for a lovely Sunday carvery. Right now we’re off to Tesco to get some supplies, and so I’ll see you all soon. x