When I got married back in 1980 I took my husband’s surname, as it was still traditional to do so. However, if I had my time over again I would keep the surname that I was born with. I’ve worked with many women who shunned the traditional way and have kept their own names and in that way have not lost their identity. Indeed, I know some men who have turned tradition on its head and took their wives’ surnames instead.

Why should women give up their identity just because they get married? The tradition is old fashioned now, and these days many women just co-habit and do not get married at all.

After 42 years of marriage I regret losing my surname. My husband tells me I can change it any time I like, but now I can’t be bothered. Too much time has gone past and too many questions will be asked of me which I would be loath to answer. Not to mention all the reams of paperwork that would need to be completed for a change of name.

I have a friend who often gets asked why she kept her surname, and she always looks aghast at the thought of ever doing otherwise. I have other friends whose husbands stay at home to look after the children while they go out to work. Tradition these days has been overruled, lol.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner


This custom was created to ensure that men cared for the family. Parentage is 100% certain through the mother, but for centuries only by name was it solidified for the father. By stamping his name on the families HE was responsible for supporting and protecting them.

Women who don’t get this were either brainwashed by neo-feminism, or just haven’t really looked into it.

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