All those years of broken sleep, homework dramas, piano lessons, guitar lessons, band-in-the-garage, 50cc motorbike dramas, driving lessons, too-much-beer issues, girlfriend issues, Mum and Dad’s taxi and bank of Mum and Dad are behind us now. Sunday 27th March was Mother’s Day in the UK, and it was time to meet up with our boys.

Both Leon and Marc lead very busy lives, and we only see them every fortnight or so, or maybe every three weeks. Leon will be 40 in July, and Marc is now 36, but when they get together it’s like they’ve never grown up.

However, due to circumstances beyond our control we had to meet up with them separately for Mother’s Day this year. We started off in Bury St. Edmunds cathedral for a Mother’s Day service. Marc’s eldest son has inherited a double whammy of the music gene (Lisa is a music teacher), and is a chorister at the cathedral. After the service we went across the road to the Angel Hotel for lunch with Marc, his wife Lisa and Lisa’s parents. I was given flowers, cards, a Mother’s Day mug, and lots of hugs! We had a stroll around the Abbey Gardens until it was time for them all to meet up with Lisa’s brother and his family.

Then onwards and upwards to The Toby Carvery at Ipswich to meet Leon and his wife and daughters for more flowers, cards, hugs, and a BuyaGift present of a visit to the ArcelorMittal Orbit where it’s possible to get a 360 degree view of London.

We’ve come full circle now, as Leon’s eldest daughter will soon start learning to drive. Where has all the time gone? All I know is that Sam and I are now free of teenage dramas, live a quiet life, and enjoy reaping the rewards of at least 20 years of really intense parenting, lol. On Mother’s Day I quickly came to the conclusion that at 64 years old it’s just great to be a mum!