I’m not usually one for going off the beaten well-known path, but Sam likes a bit of adventure and doesn’t mind choosing a path where he’s never gone before.

We started out walking along the narrow stone wall down at St. Helens Duver…

I was happy to reach Bembridge on the other side and then turn back, but Sam suggested we go onto the main road, turn right, and see where it led. He already had an inkling where we’d end up, and he wanted to see if he was correct.

If I’d been on my own the thought would not have even occurred to me, but hey ho, I followed his thirst for adventure and toiled up the hill, all the while wondering where it would lead. He was right, the road came out onto the main route through St. Helens. We walked along the green until he spotted a little footpath going downhill.

“Let’s go down there. I bet I know where we’ll come out.”

Hey ho, off we went again along a path never before travelled. Sam does have a very good sense of direction, quite unlike myself. Down a steep hill we went again for about 10 minutes until we found ourselves back on the Duver and looking at the same stone wall we had walked along about 75 minutes before. We had come full circle.

It was hot, and by then I needed some refreshment. It was time to find our way to the Duver cafe for a lovely raspberry sorbet and a seat down by the river to watch the boats and an instructor trying to teach a group of excited children how to kayak.

We’ve had a lovely break without even a spot of rain, with plenty of walks but also time to chill on our decking. We’re travelling back tomorrow, but look forward to another short break on 12th May when we’ll return to our happy place for a folk/blues festival.