And so now the police have around 150 photos of MPs enjoying themselves during Lockdown. There was one on the evening news last night of Boris holding court and raising up a glass of plonk surrounded by several work colleagues with pixelated faces. Bottles of booze were on the table, and it looked as though a good time was being had by all.

My question is… who had been taking the photos? If Boris and company had known they were being photographed, surely they wouldn’t have agreed to it as hopefully despite denials they have some degree of sense whereby they knew they were breaking Lockdown rules. There was another photo on TV recently of Boris drinking in the garden of Number 10 surrounded by his cronies. The photo was taken from above and it’s possible somebody had been looking out of an upper window with a camera in hand.

Was Boris being stalked by somebody taking photos in secret in order to discredit him or to sell the photos to newspapers? Or is it that they’re on CCTV anyway but Boris and his cronies think they’re entitled to break the rules because they’re all so important that rules for the common people don’t apply to them? If they’re not CCTV images it would be interesting to discover who it was that took the pictures – maybe somebody with a grudge? I can think of one person in particular…

Meanwhile the Partygate scandal drags on and on.