The Isle of Wight certainly does it in style when it comes down to celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. Most of the towns will have something going on during the bank holiday weekend. There’s a grand parade in Newport, free concerts in Cowes and Ryde, street parties in Sandown and Seaview, and here in St. Helens there’s entertainment for 4 whole days on the village green. Here at the site a lot of the vans have been decorated in red, white and blue, and well… it would be rude not to have a go as well…

There are some members of the royal family I’d cross the street to avoid, but the Queen has done her bit for 70 years without a whiff of scandal. She’s the longest-serving monarch ever, and I for one am going to take part in as many events as I can.

Apart from the Jubilee there was a little bit of excitement earlier this morning when we were down on the Duver (rhymes with ‘cover’) for the annual Duver Dash – a 5km race for various charities.

Off to Puckpool now for a walk along the seafront and a sausage sandwich. It’s all happening here….