About a week before we left for the van I re-potted all my houseplants with Westland’s Triple Booster Peat -free and Organic Compost that assured me on the front of the bag that the compost would cause my plants to bloom unimaginably well. We have a large fern that I had tenderly watered and fed with loving care for years, but had become a little pot-bound. The fern, together with 5 other houseplants all got triple boosted and I waited with bated breath to see the result.

A few days later there were numerous small flying bugs inside the house. I couldn’t work out where they were coming from, as we usually have the air conditioning on instead of open windows, as we live opposite a field of cows and I suffer from hayfever. The morning that we were due to leave I discovered the bugs were coming out of the Triple Booster compost, and that the plants weren’t looking too well. There wasn’t time to re-pot them all. We put them all outside in order not to have a house full of flying bugs, and then left to catch the ferry in time.

You can imagine my disappointment on returning home to find all my smaller houseplants had died and my lovely fern was half dead with lots of white leaves. I cut off the white leaves, quickly re-potted it with ordinary soil from the garden (which it had been in before), and gave it some plant food and a drink of water. I’m hoping against hope that it will recover.

I’m no gardener, but just bought the compost going on what was described on the bag. Seems that Westland’s Triple Booster Peat-free and Organic Compost causes death to houseplants instead.

Back to work typing Dermatology letters this morning. The holiday is well and truly over…