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What is your process for writing? Plot, then write? Edit as you go or not until you’ve reached the end of the story? Figure out your characters first? Something else?

I do not start out with much of a plot, but make the majority of it all up as I go along. I have my characters’ names, ages and their physical characteristics written down so that I don’t make any howlers regarding eye or hair colour for instance, but other than that I have no idea what will happen to them until I finish each chapter. I cannot work to a set plan, and enjoy the freedom to write whatever comes into my head.

Regarding editing, I edit each chapter as I finish it in order to avoid the 60 -70,000 word slog at the end of the book. I go through each chapter before I start another one and remove any repeated words and anything ending in ‘ly’ or ‘ing’ if it’s possible to do so. I also take out the words ‘said’ and ‘replied’ if I’ve put any in by mistake. Sometimes I delete the whole chapter and start all over again.

I also do not write unless I think I’ve got a good initial subject for a story. It might be many months between finishing one book in the spring and starting the next in the winter, but in this in-between time I wait patiently for the next good idea to come along. It always does, and I enjoy the summer at my caravan with no writing pressures and no deadlines to meet. I’m not the type to always be writing the next WIP. I write for a hobby, and need a break between books to get the characters out of my head and get away from the computer.

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