Terri’s topic today on Sunday Stills is ‘Road Tripping‘. I’ve added some photos below from a few years ago when Sam and I travelled up to the Lake District to visit the area where William Wordsworth grew up in and to visit three of his homes. It was a long drive for us, but well worth it!

You can tell why Wordsworth loved the Lake District – very quiet and peaceful and good for creating.

That’s me taking in the majesty of it all.

We hired a boat and scooted around Lake Windermere.
On the front doorstep of Wordsworth’s childhood home at Cockermouth.

View of Wordsworth’s parents’ back garden at Cockermouth.
Dove Cottage, where the young Wordsworth lived with his sister until he married and needed a bigger house (see below).
Rydal Mount, Wordsworth’s last home where he lived for many years.

Ashes to ashes…