This will be the last Friday post for a couple of weeks. I’m taking my granddaughter over to the Isle of Wight, and so there won’t be any time for me to sit at the computer and do my usual stuff. Blogging will be a tad sparse…

Anyway, today it’s the turn of Friday Review Share to support Indie authors.  Please leave a link in the comments to a review you’ve had on Amazon or Goodreads for one of your own books.  A link to the review and a description of the book would be great (or the review itself if you like), because let’s face it, if people are interested in the book they will certainly check it out!

If you haven’t yet had any reviews for your books, then you can leave a review you’ve written for an Indie book that you’ve read and enjoyed. 

I’ll start the ball rolling by sharing a 5 star review I received on Amazon on 25th July 2022 from Janice Spina for my short story ‘The Noise Effect‘.

5.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable story with a surprise ending!

Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2022

This was a story that kept my interest with its intriguing premise and shocking ending. The two protagonists, Eve and Leigh, newlyweds, want to have their own place. They are tired of staying with her parents and not having any privacy.

They finally find their dream house. But soon realize it is more like a nightmare when the next door neighbors move in and cause havoc and destruction with their noisy parties and destructive behavior. The newlyweds’ lives become unbearable.

The author created a fascinating story that kept me glued and praying for a solution for the once happy and contented couple. Will they be able to come to a resolution that will bring back the peace and tranquility they so need? How will they do this? Will Leigh be able to return to his former happy self?

You will just have to read this story to find out. I am not giving anything away. It was a surprise ending that I thoroughly enjoyed!