This will be the last blog hop for a couple of weeks, as I’m off to the van with my granddaughter and unfortunately there won’t be much time for sitting at the computer, although sometimes it’s nice to have a break!

This week’s topic is:

Do you have any tips on controlling pacing in your stories? How do you manage it?

When I first started out writing novels in 2013 I made the mistake of trying to fit lots of events into just a few chapters. Although there was some interest in Mind Games from agents, I kept getting the same feedback after I’d sent off the manuscript to the effect of letting the reader have a breather between one event and the next. I was also advised to cut the number of events by half, and to draw the remaining events out for longer.

I made a point of reading a few traditionally published books after I had re-written the manuscript, and true enough all those agents were correct. It’s better to drip-feed one event over a few chapters rather than having many events all crammed into a few pages. It also occurred to me that yes, a few events drawn out for longer is what I prefer when I read.

Many newbie authors rush their first book until they learn to pace their story, which only comes with experience and constructive feedback from readers, agents, or more established writers.

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