I couldn’t resist copying and pasting the message below that has appeared on my website. I have not changed the spelling at all …

‘My name is ——- and Im a proffesional in written communication and I work as a freelancer doing editing jobs.

I have seen some of your works and they are great. I was thinking that they would look the best as possible if they had some editing done.

If you have an empty space for a new editor I would be really glad if you gave me a chance.

In other cases I can also conduct proofreads.

You will have all the information in this link if you’re interested.’

This person apparently is an editor, but hey, would you want them to edit your book if they cannot even be bothered to check their own spelling?

Note: They have ‘seen’ some of my works. How would they know if my books need editing if they have not read them? I could have done a better job of this letter myself. All I can say is that for the moment I’m going to pass on this wonderful offer.