Apologies to all

From the bottom of my heart

But now it’s time

For me to depart

Across the Solent

Where the sun shines bright

Where my caravan is

On the Isle of Wight.

Only on the Island do I eat slices of cake

To ensure that I don’t put on too much weight.

My granddaughter comes too

She’s taller than me

I’ve finished planning

Our itinerary…

Beach, crazy golf, then in for a swim

Up on a horse too, as she’s strong of limb

At Tapnell Farm there’s go-karts to ride

Nanny by now might be pretty tired

But on the last day it’s ‘Elvis’ we’ll see

Sitting down in the cinema at quarter to three

So now you know why I’ll not comment on your post

I’ll be having a great time down at the coast.

We’ll eat in cafes and spend too much money

Then Nanny will take Caroline home to Mummy.

Nanny and Caroline… it’ll be good fun

But I’ll be back in a week when the holiday’s done.