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If your book took off tomorrow with enormous worldwide interest and sales, are you prepared for all that entails?

So… It’s nearly time to publish ‘Falling’, which made the finals of the 2022 Page Turner Writing Competition. If my book takes off with enormous interest and sales, then I assume many literary agents might then crawl out from under their stones and want to represent me. After almost 10 years of trying to find even one elusive agent, I will then have to decide whether to be represented and gain an even bigger audience, or stay self-published and be satisfied with the amount of interest I’ve got.

Then I may have to deal with journalists wanting to interview me about my new book. I may even get invited to appear on TV, as the world and his uncle might have bought my book and want to see who wrote it. My face might end up splashed all over various newspaper front pages, and my book and my life could be given blanket coverage on TV channels. Eek!

I would have to start travelling to do all these interviews and TV shows, and travelling does not interest me at all. I’d also have to travel to do book signings; this would entail making small talk with thousands of people, and making small talk is not one of my better accomplishments. Hmm…

Making a fortune selling a book is the dream of every author. However, once the world has sat up and noticed, then my life might not be my own anymore; I might be mobbed in the street and have to employ a minder, and I won’t be able to just nip down to the supermarket anymore. It all sounds great to start with, but then I think the novelty of being a superstar might quickly wear off.

Perhaps it’s better to be happy with a modest amount of success and live quietly. I think this option appeals to me most.

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