I rue the day when I pressed the ‘go’ button instead of applying the brakes. I had become rather too cocky on holiday after a successful hour’s ride on an e-scooter, and so when we decided to have another go the following day along Shanklin seafront I didn’t think too much about what I was doing. I went down hard on the pavement, fell flat on my chest and grazed both knees. Passers-by stopped to watch the entertainment.

Now we’ve been home for a week. The knees are healing, but it’s obvious to me that I’ve broken a rib. The pain is unpleasant, and I think I tried to do too much this past week while Sam has been in Sweden. Now he’s home he’s helping out more, but even so it hurts to cough, sneeze, laugh, or lift anything. There’s no treatment for a broken rib, and so I must endure the pain for however long it takes to mend.

Never mind… I’m good at enduring. I’ve endured extensive treatment for advanced thyroid cancer, and so this is a breeze compared to that. I go out for gentle walks, and sit around a lot. I can cope with that.

We had planned to go to London last night to join the queue for the lying-in-state, but that’s out now. I’ll be watching the funeral in the comfort of my armchair tomorrow instead of standing ten-deep in a crowd somewhere. If anyone has never broken a rib, I can tell you that the pain is quite, quite miserable.

I shall never ride on an e-scooter again!