Our son had bought Sam a voucher to drive an Ariel Atom for Father’s Day this year. He had left it to me to book the trip, and I thought I’d leave it until 1st October when hopefully things would be quiet out of season.

How wrong I was! When we arrived at Tibenham airfield yesterday there were hundreds of people milling about. Much roaring came from the direction of the Car Chase Heroes track as rather expensive cars raced around it. Sam stood in the queue to sign in, paid £25 in case of damages (the instructor issued dire warnings about thousands of pounds that may have to be paid if the car was damaged and no insurance fee had been paid), and was told to hang about until called forward to sit in the waiting area.

We had a quick look around. It was all rather basic, with a line of festibogs the only toilet facilities. Somewhere people were buying burgers, but we never found out where from. Many men stood outside the waiting area, eager to hear their name called. When Sam was called he was told that unfortunately the Ariel Atom was out of service, but that he could choose another car up to the limit of the voucher. He chose a V8 Coupe.

Sam drove off in his Coupe with an instructor, and I managed to photograph a McLaren and a Lamborghini while he was gone…

Sam enjoyed the drive, although mentioned that the racetrack had lots of twists and turns in it presumably so people could not go very fast and damage the cars, and he wished he had not fallen for the £25 insurance spiel. There was also a chance to buy an in-car photo at a no-doubt inflated price, but he declined that as I had taken a few on my phone for no cost.

It was a different way to spend a Saturday morning. We finished off with lunch at the Pennoyer Centre in Pulham St. Mary. Very nice, and much better toilets!