Today on Terri’s Sunday Stills the topic is ‘Dilapidated‘.

There’s a lovely dilapidated manor, Appuldurcombe House, on the Isle of Wight, first owned by Sir Richard Worsley in the 1700s and which eventually passed to Lord Yarborough, the husband of Richard Worsley’s niece. The Yarboroughs sold it in 1855. It then passed through a succession of owners and then was used as a hotel, then a school, and also to house an exiled community of Benedictine monks.

The house is free to walk around, and it’s very atmospheric there, especially when a mist rolls in. The house is supposed to be haunted by a young boy, who runs up and down the steps that you can see in one of the photos. I love it there and try to imagine what it must have been like in its heyday. Enjoy!

The ruin of Appuldurcome House, complete with dilapidated fountain.
The ghost of a young boy has been seen on these steps.
A bird has made its home in one of the window frames.