Today on Sunday Stills Terri has chosen the theme of ‘Paths and Trails‘.

There are many paths and trails on the Isle of Wight. When we stay there in our caravan we enjoy walking and cycling away from the main roads. We always take our bikes and cycle or walk along disused railway tracks that have been converted into leisure trails. There are always cafes along the routes, and when the weather is fine we’ll be out all day.

Here’s the first walking path – part of the ‘Devil’s Chimney’ which descends at a frightening angle all the way down from Bonchurch to Ventnor seafront. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

And here’s another walking path – the one which leads down to Steephill Cove at Ventnor. This is a lovely beach, as there are no roads and so no cars – we have to park up at Ventnor’s Botanic Gardens.

For cycling there are disused railway tracks such as the one below from Sandown to Newport.

And a lovely shady track from Freshwater to Yarmouth.

The walking/cycling path I like best runs from Ryde seafront, through Puckpool and along to Seaview, where Sam stands rather precariously on the edge (although you can’t see it, there’s a bit of a drop down to the sea).