We went to a rather unusual concert last night at Charter Hall, Colchester. Our daughter-in-law had sent us details of ‘The Rock Orchestra by Candlelight’ back in November, and we bought some tickets straight away.

The musicians were amazing, and played some of our favourite rock anthems on violin, cello, double bass, drums, saxophone and trumpet. The guitar solo on ‘Stairway to Heaven’ sounded just like Mr Page’s when played on a violin. I’m not sure how she managed this, but she did. The drummer pounded those skins so hard that the candles fell off the platform where the drums were! I can recommend them if they ever come your way…

Today we went on our annual pilgrimage to the East London Cemetery to tidy my grandmother’s/mother’s grave. It felt strange weeding, washing stones and painting the concrete frame knowing it’s the place my own ashes will be sprinkled on one day.

We’re briefly home to roost, and then we’re off to our eldest son’s house for dinner tomorrow. It’ll be nice not to have to cook!