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What grammar rules have you broken on purpose?

If I have broken any grammar rules, I’ve done it unwittingly. I was never lucky enough to be able to study for a degree in English, and so have had to learn as I’ve gone along the newbie writer’s rocky road. I remember in 2014 somebody once pointed out in my Amazon description of ‘A House Without Windows’ that I should have written ‘she lies awake at night‘. I had written how EastEnders like myself speak (‘she lays awake at night’). Oops! I quickly changed it and inwardly cringed.

Sometimes I’m tempted to break grammar rules when I write conversations, but then slipping into the vernacular then makes it harder for readers to understand what my characters are saying. I know what they’re saying, but hey, somebody from another country might think I’ve written a whole load of gibberish.

It’s because I never went to university that I’m careful not to break any grammar rules and always do my utmost to avoid this. However, I do send my manuscripts out to ARC readers, and so if I have made any mistakes they’ll most probably find them. I’ve learned much over the 10 years that I’ve been writing novels, but I’m sure I still have a long way to go.

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