Welcome to another blog hop. I’m away at the caravan at the moment, and so might have to check other blogs out on Thursday after I’ve returned home if the internet is patchy. Anyway, here’s this week’s topic:

Do you have advice for changing perspective? For example, switching from writing exclusively in the third person and switching to first person? Or do you have a reason for staying with the perspective you do?

In my novel A House Without Windows I wrote the first half of the book in the first person, as several characters tell the story as it happens. Mid-way through I switched to the third person to write from the point of view of an observer who carries the story forward regarding the aftermath of what had already happened. By writing this way it is easier to distinguish between past and present.

I’ve only ever used both perspectives in the aforementioned book, A House Without Windows. Usually I would write an entire novel either in the first person or in the third person. Literary agents have commented in the past that they prefer the third person, but to show something happening in the here and now in my opinion it is preferable to use the first person. Also with first person, I think a reader can feel more involved in the story and less of an observer.

If you would like to check out my use of perspectives, A House Without Windows is currently just $0.99/£0.99 for the whole of March. The last two book titles underlined above have links to Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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