We travelled down to East Grinstead on Sunday morning to have lunch with Sam’s sisters, and then went on to Portsmouth where ‘Fisherman’s Friends‘ were due to play that evening at the Guildhall. We had seen the film when it did the rounds, and enjoyed the music.

‘Fisherman’s Friends’ consist of 8 Cornish fishermen who in the past often gathered at Port Isaac harbour in their spare time to sing sea shanties and entertain passers by. It was at Port Isaac harbour where they were discovered by a talent scout. They went on to do less fishing and more singing as their fame spread wider, and eventually their lives were depicted on a film that came out last year. Now they’re touring the country to packed venues, and we were lucky enough to get some tickets back in November.

I loved listening to their close harmonies, and some of the shanties they sang brought back memories of my primary school and singing those same songs in music lessons. Two of the fishermen played guitars/banjo and another played an accordion; one even played guitar, kept the beat on a foot drum, and sang at the same time.

After staying overnight at Portsmouth we took an early ferry over to the Isle of Wight yesterday morning and spent the day cleaning our caravan inside and out ready for the summer. Today has been miserable and wet all day, but we’ve been out for lunch and will shortly go swimming in the site’s pool before making our way home tomorrow.

I can’t wait for some warmer weather!