When I came home today from a busy morning at work, I had a pleasant surprise when I logged in to Goodreads and found the following new 5 star review by Elena Carter for my women’s fiction novel ‘Falling‘. Something like this gives an author the incentive to keep on writing:


I couldn’t put it down

Really looking forward to reading more from this author, because this was AMAZING.

Flawless writing style, incredible story, pacing, characters, dialogue, all the crazy, unexpected twists — just brilliant, all of it. Kept me up until 2 in the morning, because it’s one of those “just one more chapter” books.


James Hynde, fortified by several tots of whiskey, climbs up onto the roof of Parker Mews’ multi-storey car park and peers over the parapet. The game is up. The police will soon seize his millions, the Maserati, the London townhouse, and the Caribbean mansion on Windjammer Island.

Should he jump feet first or hold out his arms and topple over and over like a somersaulting gymnast? He closes his eyes, feels the breeze on his face, and pitches forward into the unknown.

Sixty feet below, Olivia Benet, a budding ballerina, rushes along Parker Mews towards the entrance to the multi-storey. Her interview for the Royal Ballet had taken much longer than expected, and she has but a few short minutes left before her parking ticket expires.

James has no idea of the consequences his action will have on his and Olivia’s lives.

Falling‘ made the finals of the 2022 Page Turner Writing Award.