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People are like a box of crayons. Which crayon would you say that you are?

Hmm… I’d say I’m more like the yellow one. Yellow is my favourite colour for a start, and as a kid I’d always pick a yellow pencil out of the box first. It reminds me of sunshine and all things positive, and over the years I’ve come to realise I’ve been blessed with a positive outlook on life. I also used to colour everybody’s hair yellow in all my pictures, because yellow hair is what I always wanted for myself (however, I had exactly the opposite, lol).

If there’s no yellow crayon in the box… not to worry, I’d pick the green one. Green is soothing, and speaks to me of forests, trees, and meandering paths I’ve taken through woodland to avoid the yellow rays of the sun in the height of summer.

I hardly ever used the black or grey crayons.

Now the box of crayons has been re-visited, as I often sit with my granddaughter and colour in pictures. She chooses some music, and we colour and sing at the same time, well, as much as I can sing. She’s used to my croaky voice, and we’ll chat about this and that in-between singing. Try it… colouring and singing is a very pleasant pastime.

What about you? Which crayon are you? Perhaps click on the blue button below to read other blog-hoppers’ posts, or just leave a comment. Thank you.


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